Once in a lifetime, a musician comes along that changes the game for a whole genre. I think of names such as Elvis, The Beatles, Hendrix, Van Halen and James Brown. Well, when it comes to the Blues, nobody has been a bigger game changer than Motor City Josh. Born in Detroit to musician parents, Josh knew from a very young age that he wanted to play guitar and he wanted to play the Blues. Who would have known that some years later the Blues would be changed forever.

Now, many people say "The Blues? That's gonna make me sad." Well, let me tell you... Josh put an end to that whole notion from the first time he ever took the stage. Infusing elements of funk, soul, rock and roll and reggae along with an incredible stage presence, Motor City Josh and the Big 3 quickly became a huge success. Constantly recording and touring all over the world for many years, Josh built legions of fans while totally reinventing the Blues as it had been known.

Although Josh is no longer touring or playing live, his legacy lives on through the many CD's, DVD's and videos on the internet. With Motor City Josh and the Big 3 "If you ain't having fun, its your own damn fault"

I am proud to be a friend and a HUGE fan!! - Loco Joe

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